Nature shows us our own place within the ecosystem.


The future is ours to create.


It is time for a new era of freedom & balance. Let us passionately rebuild a world of love, resilience, courage & trust for a legacy of beauty for all life.

Through Permaculture we bring our lands back to being the garden of eden they are meant to be. Through spirit rituals and conscious living, we rediscover ourselves as interconnected creators of worlds.




Permaculture Design

Consultation, land visits & permaculture designs. Its all about empowering land owners in understanding how to turn their property into a self-managing oasis for life.


Community App
A great alternative to mainstream social media. Here you can connect with an amazing community who care about the earth and contributing to positive change & see content that truly elevates us.


Inner landscaping

Hands-on events and online classes on Permaculture and Expressive Arts Therapy for everyone who loves nature and is interested in living a life full of purpose, flow, beauty and natural resilience.

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Land art &

sacred spaces

Consulting & design services to create sacred spaces and experiences charged with elemental love and ancestral wisdom for your offerings.

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Home scale projects blog


Paving the way towards  the decentralization of our needs through a more conscious, connected and locally autonomous society model, her mission: The design of nature-centric spaces & experiences as a means to heal & remind us of who we are: children of the Earth, stewards of Life & creators of worlds. Cheers to re-imagining ourselves and our lives to create a legacy of freedom & abundance for all forms of life!


Marie Ashley Nelson

Ecosystem designer
Expressive arts therapist
Sacred space designer