Dreaming Big

Updated: Feb 23, 2019


February 28 2018

We are on the hunt for a piece of land to design a Permaculture Demonstration Site that will be open to the public. After investigating and visiting a few sites with lots of potential, we had our hearts set on the beautiful site of Mouton Village in Saint-Charles sur Richelieu. We put together a presentation of our idea and are heading out to meet the land owner Richard and his son (master chef at Mouton Village) to pitch it!


April 1st 2018

It's that euphoric moment in which everything seems fact, maybe too perfect. Our bubble got bursted early on.

After an enthusiastic spring visit to the parcel of land we hope to transform, we find out that this very field was sprayed with Round-Up pesticides just the summer before. Nooooo! Impossible to consider making any kind of edible ecosystem on contaminated soil. We are very heartbroken but a solution is quickly found :)

After this, we contacted Valhalla Farms who also had to deal with this issue. They kindly referred us to DocTerre for some advice on bioremediation of soil.

Back on track! Yay!


July 13th 2018

Next step to solidify this dream project is to get everyone in the Fontaine family onboard, owners of this beautiful parcel of land and of Mouton Village. We were a little nervous as we presented but we were greeted with so much positivity and enthusiasm for the project. What really stood out to us was that everyone shared this deeply felt need to be a part of something greater than themselves, to make things better, to give back and do things that have meaning. Here's a little inside peak of us, presentation day :)


When it comes to designing a lasting ecosystem across several acres of land which includes a food forest, outdoor teaching spaces, an outdoor kitchen, habitats for beneficial species, children's play gardens, greenhouses, vegetable gardens, chickens, clean energy devices and discovery-trails, we are talking about a 10 to 15 year timeline. More over, for such a long winded Permaculture project, it has to happen at the pace of nature.

When following Permaculture Design Principles (see diagram below), the design phase is lengthy as every design feature has to be intricately woven into the next. One features excess becomes the needs of another and so on until you have a beautifully abundant ecosystem with little to no waste or inputs. Then the implementation phase follows the seasons but once everything is in place, nature's magic happens really fast with very little need for maintenance! So even more reason to make sure the Fontaine family & co. are interested in living and growing their minds and hearts alongside all the life and ideals this project aims to support.


" Permaculture is about rebuilding much needed relationships with people, land and the systems that support us." - Jono Neiger, Permaculture Promise

After this successful pitch, we have made plans for our first mission with Mouton Village: STEP 1 of rehabilitating that field that was contaminated with Round-Up pesticides, so stay tuned for our next blog post on that event. It will be a good one! #journeybegins #dreambig #searchingforland #foodforest #foodforestproject #permaculturepresentation #permaculturedesign #biophilia #dogoodwork #believeinyourdreams #publicnaturesite #lookingforland #ecositedesign #sitedesign #ediblegardens #community #permaculturecouple #landofabundance #humblebeginnings

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