Bringing the outside inside...

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

Its that old familiar scene. A home's collection of house plants, all relatively close together but each in their own little potted world. Thing is, by observing nature it's pretty clear that all plants like to live with many other plants. So why not bring some of that outside knowledge inside and build an indoor planter?

A botanical do-it-yourself project

The great thing about making a planter is that it's really easy to do. Once you've figured out the desired dimensions of the box you want to build, all you need is:

  • Wood pieces cut to appropriate size

  • Drill, wood screws, tacking gun

  • Heavy duty plastic lining

  • Wheels

  • Soil & plant friends

The best part of this idea is that it will have your house smelling amazingly fresh and earthy like a botanical garden, it keeps humidity levels very comfortable during those cold dry months, you can grow herbs and vegetables indoor and plants are happier together.

Putting mulch on the top of the soil adds nutrients and you'll need to water less frequently.