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Do you have a vision to transform that parking lot or field into something more? How about turning it into a living legacy that supports life in all its forms. We love them large scale projects that really get people outside and reconnected.  Think:

  • Eco-educational & permaculture demonstration sites

  • Nature centered experiences and events

  • Community building spaces in nature

  • Rehabilitation of agricultural land into a thriving biodiverse ecosystem

  • Permaculture systems

  • Food forests 



For people who want to make the best of their living spaces to enjoy a more biophilic lifestyle, everyday. They say home is where the heart is, so why not make it inspiring.

  • How about transforming your front or back yards into a beautiful edible landscape.

  • Why not harvest rainwater from your rooftop for watering your gardens?

  • Imagine how enjoyable it will be to work if one of the office walls were covered in plants.

  • Better yet, you are shopping for a property and want to learn what the land, orientation and home features can tell you about what to expect.


Tell us about your green dream, let's make it happen!

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LET'S GET BUSY! (Workshops)

We offer dynamic, interactive workshops on biophilic design and permaculture practices for groups of all ages. Here are some of the fun topics we cover:

  • Intro to Ecosystem Thinking: Adopt a forest-like mindset to guide you through all your choices

  • Garden Superstars: create an insect hotel and habitats for beneficial species

  • Permablitz: Let's get together and create an ecosystem!

  • Topogra...what?How to read topographic maps and why it’s so awesome.

 * Affordable online courses coming soon!

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Geared towards businesses and entrepreneurs, our consultation service will help you develop an ecosystem approach to the way you do business.


  • Optimize your mission and business model, bringing more meaning and positive impact to your company’s activities.

  • Explore profitable nature-centric business channels that better serve all living beings while complimenting your existing channels.

  • Transform your workspaces, inside and out and benefit from the sense of well-being and heightened performance levels that Biophilic Design can offer.